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Quick Bad Breath Cures

All of us need to deal with bad breath from time to time but that doesn't mean that we need to deal with it without any recourse at all. There are several different things you can do which will cure your bad breath. Some of them will cure it temporarily and others will cure it permanently. Let's start with the temporary measures that can be taken in order to overcome bad breath and move on from there.

Obviously, something that many of us can do to cure bad breath is to take a simple breath mint on a regular basis. If we are unable to get to a bathroom where we can brush our teeth or take care of things as they should be taken care of, a mint can often take care of the problem. The only way that this will not take care of the problem temporarily is if the bad breath comes as a result of our sinuses. We may actually be breathing foul air out of our nose and no breath mint is going to cure this problem.

Dental hygiene is also a must if we want to keep halitosis at bay. Making sure that we brush regularly along with flossing and paying particular attention to our tongue are excellent ways for us to make sure that we are not offending people with bad breath regularly.

There may also be other problems that are causing our halitosis, such as infections or even disorders within the body. A good example of this is if our breath tends to have a urine smell. This can be particularly offensive to people but it is actually a signal that something may be seriously wrong inside of our body. Breath that smells of urine is often indicative of a problem with the kidneys, at times a very serious problem. Don't ignore it if you have bad breath that is persistent and smells in this way.

You may also be interested in some natural cures that tend to take bad breath away and keep it away. Chewing on herbs, such as peppermint is an excellent way for you to mask the smell of bad breath and to freshen your mouth naturally. Some of these herbs may also have an antibacterial effect which will get rid of the bad bacteria and leave the good bacteria in its place. This is an effective way of getting rid of halitosis permanently.


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