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Staying Regular

Many people suffer with constipation and though it may appear to be an amusing situation for those looking in, for the person who has to live with this condition it can be a serious problem. Constipation home remedies are often the first port of call for someone who has constipation and with good reason; most of these home remedies work and work very well.

The symptoms of constipation can range from nausea, leg pains, headache, flatulence, fever and loss of appetite; all of which should not be underestimated and can become a problem in themselves. It should be noted at this point, that even if bowel movements are occurring, there could still be constipation. This is because if you have irregular bowel movements i.e. they do not happen every day and are easy to pass, you could also be considered to be constipated.

For virtually everyone who has constipation, their first port of call when looking for constipation home remedies should be to look at their diets. Plainly put if you put in the right amounts of foods, in the right amounts of combinations, then it should be easy to come out and that will limit the need for exploring further constipation home remedies.

Generally we should all aim to eat more fruits and more vegetables. This will add bulk and fiber to the diet and so help with relieving constipation. However, try to avoid those vegetables that are known to encourage flatulence: these include cabbage, sprouts, beans and foods such as nuts and also some dried foods. Processed, fatty foods and fried foods are also best avoided.

Instead one of the fruits that should be added to the diet are figs. Well known throughout time as one of the constipation home remedies, figs can be soaked overnight in water and be ready for breakfast the next morning. You can also use figs as the base for a homemade blended drink. Simply throw in three or four figs, add some oat milk and some prune juice and blend. This is a super drink that when taken regularly for several days will usually help to relieve constipation.

Wholegrain breads and cereals should also be added to the diet of anyone who has irregular bowel movements or is constipated. These breads and cereals help to add the necessary bulk that our bodies need to remove the waste. In the same way the fiber that these foods poses, is also vital to keep the bowels healthy and functioning.

Add exercise to your daily regime and drink plenty of water as this will help to keep your system working healthy and encourage the waste to naturally and easily leave the body.


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