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3 Simple Ways to Make Yourself Poop

Quick, tell me when you went poop last! I know, I know; your bathroom schedule is probably not a subject you readily discuss with others. But the frequency of your bowel movements is more important than you may realize. So I’m going to broach this uncomfortable subject with some simple facts about why pooping is so important and how you can do it more often. By the time you’re done reading this guide, you and I are going to feel like old friends … who share way too much information with each other.

Why Pooping is Important

Everyone’s bowel habits are different. Your dad might feel lucky if he has a bowel movement every three days, while your brother may brag about his 2-per-day pooping schedule. But generally, it’s best to have one bowel movement per day if you can. Daily bowel movements are usually a sign of good digestive health.

Consider the fact that your poop is full of excess chemicals, germs and other waste products. You don’t want to keep that junk inside you longer than you absolutely have to, right? If you’re not clearing your bowels out regularly, it could indicate you aren’t eating a healthy diet or getting enough exercise for your body’s needs.

So, now that we’ve established how important it is to poop regularly, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty stuff. How do you improve your bowel habits if they’re currently a little sluggish? Well, it just so happens that I have some great, tried-and-proven advice. Here are three simple ways you can make yourself poop.

1. Eat Prunes

I used to think it was an old wives’ tale, but eating prunes really does help produce bowel movements. Prunes are high in sorbitol, which is a substance that acts as a natural laxative. Prunes also contain a lot of fiber (both insoluble and soluble types), which can add bulk to your stools. To get the best poop-inducing benefits from your prunes, it’s recommended that you eat anywhere from five to 10. If you’re not a fan of prunes, try drinking prune juice to see if it’s easier to tolerate.

2. Go for a Walk

If you’re feeling particularly bloated because you haven’t had a healthy bowel movement in a while, try going for a walk. Light exercise stimulates the digestive system and can help get things moving. A sedentary lifestyle, on the other hand, isn’t conducive to regular bowel movements and can make you even more plugged up. Try to squeeze at least 15 minutes of physical activity into each day to help maintain an optimal pooping schedule.

3. Drink Warm Water With Lemon Juice

Warm water with lemon juice can wake up your digestive system and help you feel the need to go to the bathroom. Any type of liquid is good for constipation because it helps soften the stools and move them out of your body. But lemon juice is particularly helpful to add to warm water because it contains citric acid, which can work as a diuretic. Lemon juice also helps break down the foods you consume so your body can more readily get rid of the waste products left behind.

The nice thing about these three pooping methods is that they’re all easy to do and can reap rewards beyond just becoming more regular. While they are all good quick-fix methods if you’re constipated, there are lifestyle changes you should make if you want to be more regular all the time. Eating a well-balanced diet with plenty of fiber is one of the best ways to make sure your pooping habits stay predictable and healthy. Happy pooping!


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