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Ancient Remedies - Eczema

Back in ancient times we didn't have the modern medicine that we have today. All people had to treat their ailments were herbal remedies. In time pharmaceuticals were created replacing many herbal remedies and these became more and more popular. At one point it was only 'new age' people that used herbal treatments.

Now things are changing and people are seeking out herbal remedies again. Eczema is one condition that people look for natural treatments. There are a number of eczema herbal remedy solutions that can help to treat the symptoms of the condition.

There is no cure for eczema and this is one reason that people search for eczema herbal remedy solutions. The other reason is that pharmaceutical medicines can be quite expensive for an ongoing condition. Many prescribed creams or medicines don't have much effect on eczema and even when they do it isn't long before the symptoms return.

Although herbal treatments are not a cure for eczema they are quite effective at treating the symptoms. Symptoms of eczema include rash, dry skin, flaking or scaly skin and itching. There are dozens of different eczema herbal remedy solutions and you may need to try a few to find one that works well for you.

There are many herbal or health stores that will sell the herbs needed for these remedies. You can also find online stores that will stock the herbs that you are looking for. There are never any shortages of the effective herbs for treating this condition.

Some herbal remedies for eczema will require that you make a paste with the herbs and then apply the paste to the affected areas. Some remedies require eating the herbs to gain the benefits from them.

So what types of herbs are helpful in treating eczema?

Let's take a look at some useful herbs and in some cases a combination of herbs works well.

Aloe is one herb that is very effective for many skin conditions. Aloe is found in many moisturizing creams and works by moisturizing the skin. Dry skin is one of the symptoms of eczema and the aloe works well to counter the dry skin.

Calendula herb is also very good when made into a cream and applied to the skin. This will soothe the skin so it is particularly good for skin that is red and inflamed. Oregon grape root and witch hazel are two other herbs that work in a similar way.

Another good eczema herbal remedy solution is to add rosemary to your bath water. Rosemary will help stimulate circulation in the skin which will assist with healing. Oat straw is another herb that will give similar results.

Chickweed or turmeric can be used in poultices and applied to the affected skin areas. This will help the skin to heal and will also relieve the pain and itching cause by eczema.

People have different triggers for their eczema and people will respond differently to treatments. A treatment that works for one person will not necessarily work for you so it is a matter of trial and error and you will soon find the right eczema herbal remedy solution that works for you.


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1 Comment

Judy Singer
Judy Singer
Jun 19, 2022

Thanks for the info on eczema. I have lichen sclerosis/symplex (another autoimmune disease) that there is no cure for, which is probably related to eczema in some way. This leaves ugly scars (mostly upper torso) and nothing seems to prevent it from appearing some place else on my body. Thankfully I am quite elderly now so I keep my skin mostly covered with clothing to hide these ugly scars, but I am prevented from wearing sleeveless tops and dread wearing a swimsuit because I have scars under my arms, on my shoulders, and on my back. They do not itch but really look ugly. The lichen that appears in my genital/rectal area is where it is itchy and sore mos…

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